Spiritual Direction

 Spiritual Direction provides a safe place to explore your questions and concerns about your life with God.

What is Spiritual Direction?

The Christian life often brings times of spiritual uncertainty—situations in which we are unsure of God’s will, confused about what God is doing in our circumstances, or generally feeling dry in our relationship with God. Spiritual Direction provides a safe place to explore your questions and concerns about your life with God.

Who are Spiritual Directors?

Spiritual Directors are trained to listen, pray, and ask questions in a way that encourages people to look for the movement of the Holy Spirit in their lives. They help people share their spiritual journey, notice God’s presence and activity along the way, and their personal reactions and responses. Spiritual Direction is confidential, and it is grounded in biblical truth.

  • A Spiritual Director has been called by God and trained to companion another person on the spiritual journey.
  • Spiritual Direction is more about asking the questions than about giving the answers.
  • It is a ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  • The Spiritual Director helps us listen and look at the action of the Spirit in our lives and helps us listen to our own heart.
  • A Spiritual Director simply fosters relationships with God and others so that they may deepen and grow.

 Dr. Karen Smith is a trained Spiritual Director who will be serving our Wildwood United Methodist Church congregation. For more information about Spiritual Direction or to set up an appointment, please contact Dr. Karen Smith at spiritualdirection@wildwood-umc.org

When might I need Spiritual Direction?

You may seek Spiritual Direction during a specific season of your life or you may desire Spiritual Direction as part of your regular, on-going spiritual practices. Spiritual Directors generally meet with their directees for an hour once a month, at a time that fits their schedules. Sometimes people prefer to meet more frequently, especially in the beginning. You and your Spiritual Director will work together to determine how to set up your Spiritual Direction schedule.
 It is important to understand that Spiritual Direction is NOT counseling or therapy, advice giving, teaching, or problem-solving.
It is NOT pastoral counseling such as pre-marital counseling, vocation discernment, grief counseling, or a confessional.